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Encountered By God

Carlos tells the story of God's encounter with him, radically quickening his heart and transforming his life and ministry in a single confrontation, 4:00 A.M. one morning. During the encounter, the Lord revealed to him certain prophetic core values that would help both the individual believer and the corporate Body of Christ to walk in clarity of identity and fullness of destiny. Encountered by God reveals profound, yet simple truths that will help you: • Know and enjoy God personally and intima

Grace Study Guide

The purpose of this study guide is to accompany Pastor Carlos' audio/video series and his book, by the same title, both side-by-side with Scripture, to help the reader in intimate devotional time with the Lord, as he/she studies the truth of what Scripture says about the grace of God. This workbook offers interactive questions, ideas, and pages of writing space following each chapter to use in response to the revelation of the Word and the Spirit. Carlos Sarmiento Ministries is praying the Holy

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